Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Should I tell him I want to be more………

Dear Lady A,

Me and my best friend have been friends since college and now in our adult lives we find ourselves both to be single. I have played with the idea of dating and so as he but we never made that move. How do I tell my best friend I would like to give us a try seriously without ruining our friendship of more than 17 years?


The Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

I am first glad that you feel like you could actually date your best friend. Who better to date then someone who knows your secrets and understands how you are. Playing with the idea means you both feel the same way or might be curious but both are afraid to say it out right. The best thing to do in this situation is do what you have already mastered and that’s be his best friend and tell him how you really feel. I can probably bet money he either feels the same or has thought about it and just didn’t know how to approach it with you. Try the old traditional way and see how it flows. Since you guys are best friends set up a best friend date and throw subtle hints about how if you were on a date with a guy you liked what would you do and then follow through with doing it until he catches on then ask how would he treat the date if he was out with someone he liked romantically. Treat it like a coming out party and you both end up spilling feelings on purpose. How do you not ruin 17 years of friendship by always being truthful and continuing to respect one another. I believe in you Best Friend and I think you will be just fine. GIRLLLLL TELLLL HIMMMM!!!!

Giggles and Love,

Lady A

Dear Lady A,

I have been struggling with my weight for several years and can’t seem to find the strength to lose weight the traditional way. Recently some friends of mine have had the surgery and they look and feel great. I have too decided to get the surgery but I have so many friends and family against it. How do I convince them this is the best option for me?


Plus Size Beauty

Dear Plus Size Beauty,

The fact that you know you are beautiful no matter what size you are tells me confidence is not your issue. I would honestly say as a plus size beauty myself I have often thought of this surgery as well. My advice would be ask yourself some very important questions and find an accountability team. Most feel that surgery is the easy way out while those of us who want it feel like it’s a solution to a problem that only we have been dealing with. Surgery only helps the physical part, first get your mental and emotional state of being in tact because even after surgery if that is not right you can end up with the weight coming back on. Find your reasons and make sure they are the right reasons for YOU then it should be a piece of cake explaining it to those you feel you need to convince.! If you ask yourself all the hard questions and have true accountability around you I am positive you will make the best decision for yourself. Find your happy space beautiful.

Big Girls Don’t Cry,

Lady A