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Back at it again for another year of Fashion SLAYAGE, Antwain Donté hits us with “ASYLUM; The Suicide Revenge Fashion Show.”

Taking place May 4th, 2019, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centerduring “Mental Illness Month”, ASYLUM; The Suicide Revenge Fashion Show is a collaboration between the Stampede School of Modeling and A Disease Called Hope to use Fashion to raise Awareness around the importance of mental and physical health with an emphasis on Suicide Prevention.

Embarking on another year of executable greatness, Antwain is still the talk of the city after last year’s “007: The Assassin” fashion show. Being a trendsetter amongst his peers, Antwain is redefining what it is to be a Fashion Guru and level up in size when it comes to a Fashion Week sized execution.

As the team prepares to Slay, let’s ensure you get the full scope of what you can expect! According to the Urban Dictionary, Slayage is defined as, “amazing awesomeness, the act of killing it. From slay.” As is relates to this show, Antwain Donté and his team will Kill it, then get Revenge on the Kill of the Fashion that Killed! This will be Fashion Resurrected!

One thing that will translate well across all nations is the fashions that will be presented and the way in which the models will serve the runway.


Antwain D. Hill

Antwain Donté Hill is a trained Runway and Model Coach, Fashion Show Producer and Choreographer, Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist, is the Founder/Artistic Director of Stampede School of Modeling. Founded in Spring 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, Stampede School of Modeling strives to build the artistic individual and brand the overall person buried deep inside the mannequin. At Stampede School, we pledge to offer the highest quality of training, the greatest level of expertise and tireless dedication to each student and their passion. We coach and instruct with integrity and honor as we work countless hours building bridges between craft and professionalism. Antwain Donte’ is also the Founder/Spokesman for an organization in which he founded in 2012, A Disease Called Hope, which specializes in building children and families who are suffering with HIV, AIDS, Cancer and any terminally ill diseases. Currently Stampede School opened its doors in the DC Metro Area in 2016.

Antwain Donte’, also known as Mr. Runway started model training at the age of 7 years old and hasn’t stopped since then. He is a model, coach, choreographer, teacher, friend and entrepreneur. Antwain Donte’ has taught over 2012 models, has directed Homecoming Fashion Shows for more than three dozen HBCUs/Universities and has graced over 8 Fashion Week Runways throughout the Country. Mr. Runway has organized 699 fashion shows to date including his most recent Fashion Show, Divergent which was his company debut show in Washington, DC in 2017. In addition to being what others may call “successful” in all of his endeavors, his talent, skills and passion are unmatchable.

Mr. Runway’s main focus is empowering and transforming the human mind to become what others think is impossible. He dedicates his time to building strong minded, well-balanced and confident individuals. He speaks to youth and young adult groups, school assembles, high school careers day, church programs, and training sessions on a corporate and collegiate level.

Antwain Donte’ holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English from one of the most prestigious institutions on the East Coast. Antwain Donte’ believes, “Training goes beyond the classroom or work space. It is to be conducted wherever the student is willing to learn.” Stampede School of Modeling is an environment where the human becomes the mannequin and the Runway becomes the place where we, STORM;REGARDLESS!

“Modeling isn’t just becoming one with the garment. It’s becoming the RUNWAY”! –Mr. Runway


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