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I’m ready to date but…………………………………

Dear Lady A, 

I’m 17 year old teen girl who has never dated. My mother is very over protective of me and won’t allow me to date. How do I tell her I’m ready and I  want to start dating?

Dear 17-year-old teen girl,

 Let me first assure you that your mother loves you and she is probably not allowing you to date because it’s not you she doesn’t trust, it’s the boys. My advice to you would be to try having a very trustworthy male adult in your life that you are close to and that is also close to mom sit with you both and you guys hash out all fears and worries while also letting them prep you properly for dating. Try explaining to your mom in a respectful way that you are very responsible and that she can trust you and that more importantly, she can trust herself that she has done a good job in raising you to be a responsible young adult. This area is always a little sketchy as many different folks come from different backgrounds. I would say based on experience the average age a young lady starts dating is around 15-16 years of age. Try to understand her reasons while expressing your reasoning honestly for wanting to date. Use the other party like a said preferably someone you both love and trust as a medium to find common ground. Good Luck!!! I Wish You The Best!!!

 Fingers Crossed,

 Lady A


Dear Lady A,

The other night I had two of my friends over to meet for the first time. Everything was going good until my newest friend made a comment that was rude. Now my longtime friend wants nothing to do with my new friend and wants me to make a choice. What do I do?

Dear Friend in the Middle, 

First, let me say this, you are an adult and you may be friends with whomever you choose. Now that that’s out the way sounds like you mixed company that didn’t mesh well in personalities. This happens often when a friend you have had for a long time is around and feels he or she knows your personality well. My advice to you would be to explain to the old friend that you are entitled to speak or be friends with multiple people with different personalities. But in respect for that friend you can suggest that you won’t have the two in mixed company again and if that doesn’t work then it may be time for you to evaluate who and what type of boundaries you are willing to set with all friends. Now if the rude comment was directed towards the old friend then it is your job to address that with the new friend and help with reconciling that situation. Other than that, if you didn’t feel the comment was rude and you want to keep hanging with both friends at separate times then do that unless the longtime friend decides not to. Remember folks comes in seasons and sometimes situations tell us clear as day when that person season may be up in our lives. Hope your longtime friend is mature and understands that they may not get along with everyone but they can still be in the same area without being fake.

 Be Friends with who you want,

 Lady A

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