Saturday, June 25, 2022




If you don’t know what “IMATS “is are you even a beauty guru? It’s the meca to all the best deals and newest products for the beauty industry. This year I attended “IMATS -LA,”’held at the Convention center. I was greeted by all the amazing staff and led in VIP to one of the many halls for “IMATS.” If you’ve never been it’s a sight to see, thousands of makeup and beauty lovers just like you all joined together in one place. Each company has booths large and small. Some spanning over more than one area. MAC definitely was the largest; there to make a statement. Would I expect anything less from MAC, I think not. Next,  to not be under done was one of my favorite go -to’s in LA for my makeup kit, “Naimies.” Even my little daughter knows the name well. All pro makeup and hair artists go there to stock up with our pro discounts for our kits. We all drop a pretty penny at Naimies. I was pleased to see Cinema Secrets had a large booth and artists doing live displays. I was able to Interview one of their lead artists there and I have that uploaded on my IGTV channel as well as “Luxe Kurvs magazine,” IGTV.

One of the new make up companies on the scene that I was happy to meet the owner of and connect with is called, “Lurella Cosmetics.” The owner was so kind to give me an interview for my IGTV as well as tell me all about her new line. Destiny, the owner said, “ She wanted affordable products as well as good quality. She was tired of makeup artists having to choose one or the other.” She loaded me up with products and makeup brushes to try. I have now used her eyeshadows, which are buttery and very pigmented as well as their make up brushes. The brushes are very nice as well. They are very plush, dense, and soft. I’ve now used her products for the “Super Bowl,” commercials I worked on, as well as private clients photo shoots,and editorials. If you get a chance to try their products I highly suggest it. Such great deals too!

The next line I was happy to learn about is called, “La Beaute’ Soi.” I got to interview the PR for marketing, Candice Chi. She was so kind. This company has such great quality brushes, I was able to try and they also combine their business with philanthropy. Which for me is a huge plus. They work with different humanitarian causes for “stopping animal cruelty,” “for every child,” and “save the earth.” So they not only put out quality products but, they also give back.

Next, I met another new line called, “ Sistar.” They were also super kind and outgoing. I was able to try their liquid eyeliners and lipsticks. Both have been on set with me and put to the test. They rock! What I loved most about this line was how inclusive this line is! All races. So any color I need for any makeup kit, they have it. Sarah Lee, their marketing director was kind enough to tell me a little about the line.
Check them out online at

Of course, I was happy to see the marketing director , Lori, for one of my sponsors, “Bodyography Cosmetics.” This line is on every T.V. set, award show, commercial, red carpet, fashion week , movie, you name it, with me. Their products are animal cruelty free. They have the best primers, cream foundations, oil free foundations, concealers, setting powders, eyeshadows , lipsticks , especially their long wear lipsticks, my favorites , and setting sprays. I could go on and on about this line and the quality of them. All I have to say is, if you’re a pro artist and looking for high-quality products that perform and last all day for your clients definitely check them out. All their products are very concentrated. So you need very little. I could honestly write an entire article about this line. I’ll have to do that some time for you readers. So I can break down my, “go too’s.”

The next company I was happy to see there was, “The Makeup Shack.” They were so much fun! They gave me the most fabulous false eyelashes and eyeliners. I was able to interview them as well for my IGTV channel. They have a wide variety of pro products available for makeup artists. I love supporting new businesses. I would definitely check them out online or if they are local to your town.

Over all, I had the best experience this year at IMATS- LA. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re a pro hairstylist or a prom make up artists. Their discounts alone are worth the adventure. All the top YouTuber’s and pro artists are there. So many classes to attend and it’s a great opportunity to network and connect with other artists. Let’s face it we are a certain type of breed. Lol! Usually “extra!” So it’s great to be surrounded and supported with our peers there. My feet have barely recovered and I’m still working on my pocket book, but I’m already counting down the days until next years IMATS. Thank you again for having me. I can’t wait to return!