Sunday, July 3, 2022



Get To Know Aqulia Benjamin

What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry?

Right now in the Plus Size Industry we have fought the good fight on the Fashion portion. So we can celebrate that more brands Small & Big are either Exclusively carrying Plus Apparel or includes it. So that’s something we can celebrate! We have a new wave of Bloggers, Fashion Influencers, Models and Body Positive Advocates! Even new Plus Size Catered productions. Right now the Plus Industry needs something never been done before! Something exciting and EXCLUSIVE! I have a really different project for the Plus Size Community to enjoy. It will be debuted on my NEW YouTube Channel! Whoever is reading this I challenge/encourage you to do something amazingly UNIQUE! The time is NOW! The time is YOURS!


As an industry what do we need to do for woman of color to get the recognition they deserve?

I think we have  some BEAUTIFUL examples of Women of Color that are leading the way to help gain recognition. I think it’s our responsibility to keep things going. Everyday a NEW woman of color gets their platform heighten and they have a brand new audience of thousand sometime millions off followers who can be turned into Mentees. So when its your turn we gotta keep the same energy and spread Positivity.

What made you decide to be a kurvy woman in media?

Being a Model is a SERIOUS job. My friend Rae Nicole showed us at my “Network Your CURVES Off” Event what’s included in a Model Bag and whew baby! Lol but there are so many different jobs you can so within the Plus Industry besides being a Model. It is important for people who aren’t striving to be models to know that. I wanted to be the example because BAAAABBBBYYYY I am NOT about that Model life. I wanted to find MY own lane. So I wear many hats Motivational Speaker, Emcee/Host, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Correspondent & Networking Educator. These things worked for ME! There are so many amazing Kurvy Women in Media Monica Day the host of “The Plus Report” & Chenese Lewis the host of her podcast @cheneseshow and many other titles. I encourage you all to find YOUR path and do it with Passion and Creativity!

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be about the empowerment of people! I am a firm believer in pouring into the communities instead of draining them. I want people to know that money shouldn’t be your #1 motivation. To make a difference & to encourage the hopeless should!

6 words the best describe you?

Confident, Resiliant, Motivational, Optimistic, Creative & Stylish

What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

Being a Luxe Beautie has nothing to do with the outside. Finding your inner Beauty will help you find your confidence. Being Confident can take you so far in life! No matter if you get rejected, talked about or hated on your Confidence will keep you going! Beauty is BEYOND physical.