Sunday, July 3, 2022




The most magical connection is that of two aware melanin rich beings coming together to create a divine bond. That is how I view black love. There is just something magical about the black family and the love shared between them that creates civilizations as we know it today. Love itself is an action word that requires work and commitment to fulfill its true purpose. Many think love is this feeling of euphoria, but what happens when you don’t feel the same way as you did before you decided to love? Another common misconception is to fall in and out of love as if a pair of pants you jump in and out of. That is not the case. You choose to love and should make the effort to continue it as long as it fulfills you.

Here are some tips for being successful with black love and love in general.

1. Allow your partner to be who they truly are. This is the most important step and probably the most difficult for people to do. Most times we project our trust issues, opinions and expectations on others, but take a step back and see your partner for who they truly are. When you do this, think of the freedom and honesty you will have in your relationship. As a teenager didn’t restrictions make you rebel even more? So why would you putting restrictions on a relationship be any different? I would personally rather you do what you do in front of me or be who you are in my presence than hide it to portray this image of who you think I want you to be. Which brings me to point number 2.

2. Love ya damn self first. Love up on you. Massage you. Treat you. Do you. Learn yourself and don’t expect your mate to know and do everything for you that you feel is missing. That person is a whole individual and will never complete you. They are to compliment you, not complete. You should be whole by yourself  so you can enjoy the compliments of another whole human being.

3. Lastly my suggestion is to choose wisely. Choose your mate and once you do make every effort to choose them daily. Love is an action that needs to be exercised. What happens when the novelty wears off of the euphoric feeling you had when you met your mate? When they take their makeup off and are truly naked in front of you will you still love them flaws and all? What about the days you really don’t like them? Will you cheat or will you walk away? Choosing your mate daily means that you make a daily commitment to love and be there for them will their flaws, insecurities and all the things that make them wonderful too!!!

Now I am not saying you need to be in an abusive situation, whether verbal or physical, because that is a whole other issue altogether. What I am saying is once you commit, don’t be so quick to quit. Allow your partner to be who they are, allow you to be you, respect each other’s nature, love yourself first, and commit to chose each other daily. The universe and I are rooting for you to make your black love and love in general truly out of this world!

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