Saturday, June 25, 2022
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The race is on! Female MC’s making it known that the industry is about to see a shift. A shift where we can’t be silent. A shift where our voices will lead a generation. A shift where these male MC’s better hide because the shift is here! Dream Doll a female MC who not only pays homage to the Queen B “Lil Kim” and will be collaborating with her on a track.

When did this happen? How is that female MC’s are taking over and in my opinion are harder then male rappers? I come from the Lil Kim era and during that era we spoke are truth, didn’t care what was being said and chewing these men up and leaving nothing on the table. Dream Doll brings that fire back and out of us. Yes, I’m a mother and a grown ass woman, but shit to have female MC’s g ignite that fire inside of us not only means that they are taking over but they are also awaken a generation that has been quiet since Lil Kim.

Yes, we were first awaken by Nicki, then Cardi and now Dream just sealed the deal! Three female MC’s winning in their own right but hearing “On Ya Head” by Dream took me to that level of rolling to the beach with my shades on and “ Hardcore” by Lil Kim is playing in the car. The lioness has been asleep since then and Dream ignites that in you hell between Dream, Cardi and Nicki its time for all of us to wake up and take back our voice.

Ignite the fire and we are ready for it! Ready for the war, ready for the take over and the shift!