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ASK LADY A…………………

Radio Personality/Media Mogul Lady A is coming to Luxe Kurves Magazine with her new advice column ” Ask Lady A!” Helping our beauties in every aspect of your lives. Get know the woman behind the mic in her exclusive interview with Luxe Kurves Magazine!Who is Lady A?

Lady A is a vibrant woman full of laughter and smiles. She is also a mastermind behind three successful businesses. She is a person full of life and spunk and has a creative way of expressing herself. She is a lover of life and all things that come with it.

When did you decide that you wanted to get in to Radio? What set’s you apart from other radio personalities?

I decided I wanted to get into radio while in college. What set me apart in radio was my ability to capture an audience with my raspy high pitched voice and addicting laugh and undeniable since of humor.

One of your passions is helping people to become better versions of themselves. What was the defining moment for you when you realized that was your calling?

The defining moment for me was when i realized my gifts didn’t just make people smile but it made people open up and want to heal. In that moment I knew all I went through or experienced in life prepared me to do life with everyone else.

What is the best and worst decision you have ever made as a businesswoman?

The best decision I ever made as a business woman was walking away from corporate America and working for myself full time. The worst decision I ever made was not doing it sooner and not starting with capitol.

Ask Lady A column will be dropping in January! Why did you want to do this column with Luxe Kurves?

I wanted to do this with Luxe Kurves because i believe in the movement of this magazine. I wanted to add my expertise at what I am good at which is advice and encouragement but most of all my realness. Growing up on other publications like sister to sister and listening to radio shows like the Steve Harvey show where people ask Sheryl questions, I felt like this should be done with this upscale plus size magazine.

What can we expect from your column?

You can expect funny, raw, emotional, entertaining, thought provoking, bold and blunt realness.

The ” Ask Lady A” column will post every month on the 1st Wednesday of the month!!!!!! Send in your questions to!


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