Wednesday, May 25, 2022






 “Never be afraid to shoot your shot while walking beyond the standard for your goals and dreams”- MsBeYouDoYou

What made you decide to become a model?
I decided to become a model after taking a few pictures for a friend’s online store, The Dream World in Fashion in Beaumont Texas, which sparked interest in others with the thought of my already being a working model. This led me to actually seek career stardom to work to empower and encourage others to love themselves enough to live life on their terms through my modeling.

Do you feel we need to remove the word “Plus” from Plus Model and just be known as models?

I believe we absolutely need to drop the word “plus” from Plus Model, because we are all models no matter the area or capacity in the industry in which we work. We are working for complete inclusivity and model diversity, so keeping “plus” only encourages the separation.


What are your views or thoughts about the current state of the plus size industry?

I feel the current state of the plus size industry is one in need of transition right along with the working parts of the industry. I believe that the Trail Blazers that paved the way for us to do what we do today started it all and are solely responsible for our voice today, but we must continue running with that torch. Within the community we push for diversity and cry out for inclusivity, yet so many in the plus industry still try to fit men and women into a box. How do we push for inclusivity when true representation of all bodies is still lacking? The plus industry in many ways acts just as other parts of the industry when they reject a professional and prepared, individual willing to give their all just because they don’t fit within a standard, wouldn’t we call that a bit hypocritical? So, yes I am happy for all of the strides we see with more plus visibility today, but understanding that we still have so far to go is always at the forefront of all that I do. I have willingly accepted the charge and part of the responsibility to continue pushing for complete inclusivity, representation, and true model diversity across the industry.

Do you feel the society accepts kurvy women?

I absolutely feel that society accepts Kurvy women, but still on certain terms which is very comical to me seeing as though the average female in this country is a size 14-16. Society still wants us kept in a certain box and only to carry ourselves according to the stereotype within that box, and this is why the movement of acceptance and redefining beauty is still so strong and necessary today.

What is the one thing you would tell a young girl looking in the mirror who is having a hard time loving her kurves?

To the young girl looking in the mirror having trouble loving her kurves I would say, Babygirl you are beautifully made and there is only one you that was intentionally created by God without fear of you being any less amazing then He intended. You are not your kurves, but your kurves are an amazing part of you, so love them just as they are. It’s okay to want to change things about ourselves, but loving yourself completely right now will allow you to embrace change for “you” and you alone. This is your life… you and be you. This is how MsBeYouDoYou was born!!!  I came to grips with the fact that no one can beat me at being me.  I wanted to help others to be them and do them!!!  So to all my beautiful young ladies, “Be You and Do You!” Live a life that you love that’s pleasing and rewarding just for you!!!!!! 

What is your favorite holiday memory?

My favorite holiday memory was Xmas 2015 when I first bought my home and all of my family came to celebrate with us. It was a joyous occasion filled with love and genuine happiness for the growth and success reached. I am a person that goes all out for holiday decor both inside and out, so I was particularly excited for everyone to see the extent I went to for every detail to come together for this occasion. It was a great Christmas!

2019 is just weeks away! What are you looking forward to the new year?

I am looking forward to the new year, because of the growth I have witnessed within myself during 2018 and the goals I’ve set for 2019. I was able to reach every goal I set for myself this year with gracing a cover of a magazine being the only goal left for the year, and because of Luxe Kurves I have been fortunate to fulfill that as well. With a move to Atlanta this Summer, my 2019 possibilities are endless, so to say I’m excited about the new year is probably an understatement.