Tuesday, May 24, 2022




I HATE being single! Did I say it loud enough? Maybe I didn’t and believe me I get it. I have taken this time to get to know me again. I’ve done the finding myself routine and blah blah. One thing I wanted to ask the Luxe Man a question “ What do you really want?”

Asking the question really puts me at a lost, well I’ve been at a lost when it comes to men so that is normal. I’m at the point in my life that being lost is not good enough for me anymore and maybe it’s not me because as women we always think it’s us. I believe it’s the men who don’t know what they want and let me explain my reasoning.

Over these past few months a number of past ghost have attempted to come back  into my life. Attempting to rekindle and for me once I’m done, I’m DONE! I only did a repeat once when I was younger and even through it did not work out till this day we still remain good friends. As I have matured I just don’t have the energy to go back in my life. I know it’s because my tolerance for non-sense is low and once you been through two divorces you have an understanding of what you do and do not want.

You say you want a good woman but when one is in your presence you mess up. Is it because your unsure of where you are in your life or is it that you enjoy being a F**k boy? Whatever it is I’m exhausted and you should be too because if your over 35 years old and still playing these games or unsure of what you want then you need help! One thing I have been experiencing is the back tracking. 

Why do men like to back track after they messed up? Did you realize that you messed up or are you bored and hoping you get a response? Whatever the reason might be, I’m not interested unless your Trey Songz, LOL okay seriously I’m not interested. 

The men who have reached out to me admitted they messed up and let a good woman go. One had the nerve to say  “ I never got a chance to kiss you!” WTF what makes you think you would now? Yes, ladies then he had the nerve to send me a nude pictures like that was going to do anything for me. Sidenote *Men don’t send a nude picture if your man parts are hard to find!* Even my mom was like ” Where is it?” SMDH!

I guess it comes down to this, “Know what you want men,” if you don’t know then take sometime to figure it out. In my eyes it’s not attractive being old ass FB. When you come across a good woman (Raising my hand) treat her right and if your not ready to handle someone like her tell her upfront; but I think I’m kidding myself.

Am I?