Wednesday, May 25, 2022



The Heartbreak heard around the world!

Most of us at this point have heard about Justin Bieber’s shocking engagement and marriage to Hailey Baldwin. If you were holding out for Justin and Selena to get back together, the chances just shattered. Hailey was an ex girlfriend of Justin’s. They first met in 2009; Hailey first had attended his premier of Never Say Never. She was also a proud supporter of Justin and Selena for many years. In 2014 when Selena and Justin broke up, Justin began to grow his friendship with Hailey and there were rumors going around that they were romantically involved. Both Hailey and Justin publicly denied these rumors. By 2015 Justin went on vacation with his dad, siblings, and Hailey. He posted a video that seemed to infer that the two were getting closer. This suspicion of the two was proven right because New Years of 2016 a photo was posted of them kissing and he even had mentioned marrying her in March of the same year!

Hailey and Justin’s statements were very mature in saying that in the entertainment industry it is hard to have a relationship and Justin did not want to cause any damage because it is hard to repair in any relationship. They ended up splitting due to timing and each had a good understanding that neither of them wanted to hold the other back. Most of us wanted to focus on Selena and Justin’s relationship because it was so intense and all over social media. Due to this, we did not pay much attention to what happened in between the time that Selena and Justin’s relationship was not a major topic. Therefore, it seemed as if this engagement and marriage with Hailey came out of nowhere, when in reality this relationship was growing for many years. They seemed to have a great solid foundation as friends and it was a more mature relationship for Justin.

On July 7th 2018, Justin proposed to Hailey in the Bahamas and by September 2018 they were married! Now the real question arose; how did Selena react? Naturally she was shocked to say the least. In reality she had every right to be because just a few months prior he was spending an awful lot of time with her. She never imagined that Justin and Hailey were that serious. Selena always held on to the thought of her relationship with Justin progressing but now this may be her cue to move on. We can all feel for Selena as this first love of hers fades away.

What will be next for Justin and Hailey? Is happy ever after a reality for them? We will all have to wait to find out.