Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Picture yourself in your car, listening to the radio with friends, and you are all singing along…

That is, until suddenly the next song is one that you haven’t heard before. New artists are easy to pin point because their songs aren’t quite on repeat yet. With that said, it doesn’t take long for that to happen, just take Cardi B for example. We have some new artists to watch out for; let’s start with Ella Mai. She released her single this year “Boo’d Up.” Her music video on YouTube has over two hundred million views. Whether you recognize her name or not, you probably have already heard this song. This young lady is from London, England and is twenty-three years old. She has been around the music industry for a few years but recently is getting noticed on a higher level. Ella also toured with Kehlani on her SweetSexySavage World Tour.

Anna Clendening is another name that you may have heard before, but she got her big break this year with her single “Boys Like You.” You might remember her as the girl with anxiety on America’s Got Talent. She released songs but not many of them have been placed in a radio
slot, except for “Boys Like You.” The music video to this song was released two months ago and has over 684,000 views on YouTube. Anna is twenty-five years old and was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Before she became known to the world on America’s Got Talent, she was known on Vine and even sang along with our next artist, Tyler Ward, the thirty-year-old from Texas. He was also widely known on Vine before fame. He has done many covers but most recently has been releasing his original songs, such as “Circus and Churches” and “Your Instagram.” One cover though made it to the big screen. His cover of “Try” was used in Grey’s Anatomy.

Of course, there is always a new band along with new solo artists. One recent band in particular would be In Real Life. This band was formed on the show Boy Band and their most recent song released was “Tonight Belongs To You.” This music video has over five million views on YouTube in one month. In Real Life consist of five young men who are different ages and ethnicities; they are a great example of different backgrounds coming together. The truth is that new artists of all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages will continue to hit the stage each year. We have to recognize that even though we may be hearing them for the first time on the radio these artists have been at it for years. They have written an immeasurable amount of songs that have not been heard by as many ears as their singles that hit the charts do; so be sure to check out these great artists!