Wednesday, May 25, 2022



In Hip-hop/Rap culture, feuds are  a regular occurrence.

This is because rappers pride themselves on the template of sheer braggadocio and the need to assert themselves as the best among their counterparts.

All the history of hip-hop history we have seen legendary beefs, from the most notable of them all involving  2PAC and Notorious B.I.G–deemed the east coast versus west coast beef–to the lyrical slur of Nas towards Jay-Z with both artist trying to lay claim to throne of New York. The most recent fued between arguably two of raps best females Juggernaut, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, with both rappers taking serious jabs at each other.

Hip-hop remains the most individually competitive genre in music history, and it is just the added spice and ingredient that fuels this beefs and rivalries between rappers of the genre which leads to some of the best quality made raps songs in the industry.

And Then Came Pusha and Drake

Unarguably the biggest and most talked about rap feud this summer was between Canadian Born rapper Drake and G.O.O.D music artist Pusha-T.  On May 25th this year Pusha T released his album in five years titled DAYTONA in which the self-glorified former drug pusher came at Drake in one the song of the album titled ” infrared ” in the track Pusha raps about Drake having a Ghostwriter, With the lyrics as….”it was written by Nas but came from Quentin” he went further on the same track to add, “How could you right your wrongs when you don’t even write your songs” suggesting that Drake have a team of Ghostwriters who help him write his songs.. Just 24 hours after the release of the album, Drake responded to Pusha T,  by releasing the “duppy freestyle” diss track in which Drake drags Pusha T’s boss, Kanye west into the feud.,

In the freestyle Drake directly addresses the ghost writers issues with the following lyrics “And as for Q, man, I changed his life a couple of times, Nigga was at the Kroger working double time… and so on…Drake also took a jab about how Pusha T’s career is slowing down and how Kanye and G.O.O.D music owe him money because his diss track will boost sales of Pusha T album with the lyrics, “I told wezzy and Baby, I’ma done him for you, Tell, Ye” we got an invoice coming to you considering we just sold another 20 for you.

Pusha T heightened the beef with the release of “The story of Adidion,” in which the art cover depicts a photo of drake with his face painted in black, and accompanied with the jab, “always afraid he wasn’t black enough”. Pusha T went further to accuse Drake of having a son with a Porn star named Sophie Brussaux which he said Drake was hiding from the public. 

There’s no doubt that the last of this feud between the two rappers is not coming to an end soon.  The feud which started 15 years ago isn’t showing signs of coming to a truce. It certainly got everybody in the hip-hop scene talking all summer. And by far was the best hip-hop beef of the summer.