Wednesday, May 25, 2022



With current crackdowns on immigration under the Trump administration, there have been recent events that have not only shocked a nation but also managed to bring about a ‘compromise’ between many Republicans and Democrats. Images of children being held in cages and audio of terrified children crying out for their parents due to the “zero-tolerance” policy sparked outrage among both parties. These pictures and audio clips have spread on all platforms of social media and many have spoken out about a need for reform; the hashtag #WhatsYourNumber—sparked from the identification numbers the caged children are given—represents a call to action to end forced separation. 

There are still Trump supporters who remain steadfast despite such strong opposition. Cincinnati resident Andrew Pappas, a man who legally came to the United States from Cuba, believes that the president wants such a call to action because “his goal was to make Congress act on immigration reform.” With the current upheaval about the issue, and the response it is receiving all over America, it would be easy to say that if this was Trump’s strategy then he followed through well. 

This scandal has reached the hearts of millions from all over the nation. Republicans and Democrats have looked beyond their party platforms as one agenda overpowers all beliefs: the need for human decency. Children being caged and separated from their family is nothing short of barbarism, and this display characterizes these small lives as animals to be objectified as the government pleases. Former First Lady Laura Bush shared her pain and discontent over the issue: “I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.” Party preference took a step back as Former First Lady Michelle Obama responded to Bush’s tweet, stating: “Sometimes truth transcends party.” 

The uproar caused by the release of these heartbreaking images and audio clips has lead to the nation’s desire for a reform on the immigration bill. Congress is currently penning a compromise to the current bill in play, but it remains to be seen whether it pass. Whatever the case, the unification front of the people against such acts against humanity leave us with this message: It’s not a Democratic or Republican issue; it’s an issue about human decency and a call to action. The systematic separation of children from their parents goes against the very fiber of our humanity. Looking away from the reality of the situation is a type of neglect that will take generations to heal. If you strip away and discard humanity, what will be left?


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