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Organic skin care and makeup lines are becoming more popular under beauty consumers. Women want to know that what they are using on their skin is of superb quality. In addition to this, consumers are also advocating for the animal rights movement and challenging global brands to take these two factors into account prior to developing their products.

There’s no excuse for hurting and killing animals for the sake of make-up, soap, and other toiletries. Fortunately, experiments on animals for cosmetics products and their ingredients have been consigned to the history books in many parts of the world. Instead, companies have developed new, humane testing methods to ensure that their products don’t harm humans or animals.

In addition to campaigning for the worldwide ban of animal-tested cosmetics, raising awareness of the cruelty that goes on in laboratories, and putting pressure on governments and politicians to introduce compassionate legislation, many organizations and its affiliates are also helping to develop non-animal testing globally.

In 2016 I had the privilege of meeting an entrepreneur that was more than just a business person. She is dynamic, possess a wealth of knowledge in organic skin care, wellness lifestyle & beauty. Her name is Tanesha Barnes of http://www.tbarnesbeauty.com/

_DSC0508T. Barnes is the owner of Solace Hair and Esthetics Studio, an established licensed esthetician and business owner who has serviced the Fairfield County community since 2003. She provides facial treatments, body waxing, and make-up application services. Her facial provides deep cleansing, extractions of black and white heads, and amazing relaxation through shoulder and face massage with lavender and jojoba oils.

She has a loyal and growing clientele who seek out quality services, events, and experiences. T. Barnes Beauty is a lifestyle of beauty brand which offers, spa services, retreats, workshops, boutique events, a high quality organic skincare, and full mineral cosmetics line.

_DSC0506To meet the demand of her growing clientele, T Barnes has created her own holistic skincare line. “I can only improve your skin with your help,” says esthetician T. Barnes. At-home care is the key to sustaining the results of a facial. Water does not cleanse pores; soap strips the skin of necessary moisture causing fine lines and wrinkles. T. Barnes is a natural skincare line made with organic ingredients, formulated to cleanse and treat the skin. This PARABEN FREE, line is rich in nutrients and essential oils that are deep pore-cleansing, anti-bacterial, hydrating, and full of anti-oxidants that fight against aging skin. T. Barnes skincare is a simple but effective cleansing routine that can be done twice daily to keep your skin cleansed, exfoliated, balanced, and moisturized. The paraben-free, natural skincare solution is for both men and women.

I have been personally using this line for a over a year now and can testify to a wonderful skin glow. Yes, there are many organic brands on the market, however none that tries to connect on a personal level with their consumer like T. Barnes Beauty.

Other top organic brands on the market with great reviews are:

  • 100% Pure
  • Juice Beauty
  • Real Purity
  • RMS Beauty
  • Ilia Beauty
  • Vapour
  • Afterglow Cosmetics

As customary, the most important knowledge that I can share with you is to ensure that you have a skin care regime in place, for skin care is the foundation to flawless makeup. Also ensure to bring on board a beauty advisor or specialist that can advice you in the event that you have opted to switch to an organic makeup line.


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