Wednesday, May 25, 2022



We are BOLD! We are fearless! We are full of magic! We are POWERFUL! For the month of February everyone seems to focus on Valentine’s Day and miss the main focus, which is celebrating Black History Month and shining the light on a culture that has shaped every industry in this world from fashion, music, sports, politics, business and much, much more.

Our “Black Issue” is showing the world just how beautiful African Americans are and how we have changed this world. Our talents speak volumes and we always shine and rise to the occasion. In 2018 we continue to be faced with more racism than we have seen in years. It’s so sad that we have taken so many steps backwards and have to continue to fight just to be seen and heard. At times I wake up and ask myself “Is this really going on?”, “ How could this be going on in 2018?”, and then I think of my children and how they must feel and think. That is why it was so important for me to showcase our “Black Issue” in a way that shows the greatness we have achieved and how we will not stop until our voices are heard, our men and women are no longer gunned down and killed, or how we get overlooked because of the color of our skin.

Being an African American female CEO I wanted my children to see and know just how special we are and how we are full of magic!

February Cover 2018


Cover Credits: Cover Model: Brandee “Kurvy: J (@brandeekurvyJ)

Photographer: Gemma Bracken (@)

Fashion Stylist: Brandee “Kurvy” J

Make Up: Lala Davis

Clothing: New York & Company

Jewelry: Lane Bryant