Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Imagine walking into a clothing store and seeing a pair of pants that you absolutely are obsessed with. Once you grab these “must-have” pair of pants you are quickly saddened to realize that this store does not carry your size. Not only does one leave the store pant-less and left-out, but this clothing store has lost revenue in sales. Making clothing stores everywhere have more options for different shapes and sizes will transform the fashion industry as we know it. Businesses everywhere can grow their economic profit by adding a wider target audience and supplying more to such a high demand for more plus-size clothes. Fashion industries and chains need to open their minds and eyes to the plus size community.

clothingThe lack-of plus-size options in retail stores has created a great loss of economic profit for businesses across America. The opportunity cost of not having plus size options has increased year by year making the plus size community feeling out of the loop and not included in the fashion industry. This momentum of a bigger target audience growing should be able to gain notice from retail stores everywhere. From a numbers standpoint, with an average of roughly 67% of people being plus-size, that being more than half of the population, it seems unethical and out of the ordinary that fashion stores don’t create clothes for the many. By only well-known brands such as Old Navy, H&M, and Macy’s there has not been enough supply for the plus-size population.

Plus size women alone are 17-18% of the apparel sales. Plus size mean and women both agree that they would spend more of their money on clothing if they even had the option. the past couple of year there has been more than 20 million sales for plus size women making this a big target audience for businesses. One would think that bigger acclaimed fashion brands would notice these big numbers and create an option for the plus size community.

6f1fecdd201a42ef44113cb59f9f6e06--thick-girls-outfits-big-girls-2The plus size apparel has been geared to an older crowd leaving younger millennials in the dust. Having on trend clothes for every shape and size will leave everybody happy with no losses. While there has been small strides for clothing lines creating clothes for the plus size men and women of America there is still a lot to be done. Bringing awareness to the high demand for more plus size options will help these businesses open their eyes to the profits they could be making to better their companies. In 2018, we will hopefully see a rise and positive change in the fashion community to have more options for the plus size community so maybe the next time that “one” can buy those “must-have” pair of pants.