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Best-selling author Mikel Wilson took the world by storm with the Hybrid series. The science fiction/fantasy series is filled with everything one could possibly ask for: action, mystery, romance, werewolves, vampires, greek gods, and so much more. Despite such success, Wilson has not let it get to his head. The young author was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Being the youngest of nine children—four boys and five girls—Mikel Wilson was never lonely. Growing up, religion had been a major influence, mainly because he was the son of a preacher. This influence is still with him today, as he is the minister of music at his church. Mikel Wilson is married to Danielle Wilson and they have four children together. With such a hectic lifestyle, it is a wonder how he manages writing such bestseller. Luxe Kurves sat down with Mikel to learn about his humble background and how he grew into a bestselling author.


What made you pursue writing?

I have always written but never though I would be a published writer. I had always written for fun with my old co-author Sherry Gist. We wrote stories for kicks then threw them away. One day my wife, Danielle, saw us and asked what we were doing. She read through one of the pieces we were working on at the time and said that we needed to publish it. She wanted to know what was going to happen next, if there was more, and so on. My sister also saw a piece of the story that I had thrown away and said I absolutely had to publish it. So, at the time, Sherry and I took a shot and decided to publish it. The rest is history!

Mikel with wife, Danielle, and their four children.
Mikel with wife, Danielle, and their four children.

Do you have a specific area you like to write or do you write whenever inspiration comes?

Most of the time, when I’m inspired I stop everything and write. However, I normally write when everyone is asleep. (Laughs) I’m like Batman; I am up when everyone is asleep. I write when it is quiet, and that is often hard to do with four kids in the house. So, my best ideas and my time to actual sit down and pen my thoughts is at night in silence. The only time I ever need the noise is when I am writing a fight scene. I can never do that in silence; instead, I need to have fast-paced epic music. It helps with the flow of writing.

Is there something or someone that inspires you?

I have a couple things that inspire me. My wife is my biggest inspiration. She is my constant rock, picking me up when I’m down and telling me that I can do it. She really is my strongest support. My mother is my backbone. Without her, I don’t know how far I would have gone in this pursuit. Just like my wife, my mom is my constant support. When I doubt myself and my abilities she is always there reminding me that I can do this. When I asked her why she thought I could she gave me a simple answer that gave me all the strength to continue: “Because you are my son.”

Did you expect such a response to work?

25181600_10210722736371980_582118073_nHonestly, no. I was terrified to put my work out there. Anyone can write, but to gain people and a following is what it means to be a real writer. When the Hybrid series released I received comments and feedback saying the content was good but there were issues with the writing itself. Reviewers stated better editing was required. Coming from an inexperienced background, Sherry and I missed a lot of things—editing, formatting, and so on. However, as we became more experienced we started to get a better idea of what we needed to do to get a better response for our work at the time. We reached out to an editor named Alyssa Nand and she took us to school. She helped us grow so much in our writing so I am very thankful. My writing has developed so much that I became #1 bestseller on Amazon. It was really weird when I realized I had a small fan club for the Hybrid series.

How did it feel being named #1 bestseller on Amazon?

I had an array of emotions sweep over me. I was in shock, terrified, in a daze, and excited. I couldn’t believe it. As these feelings swept through me, I had a moment of clarity. If this is how good it felt to be #1 bestseller on Amazon alone, then I wanted to be greater than I was. My self-reflection made me realize I wanted to achieve more by being not only a better writer but a better person as well. This moment happened when I was at a cross-road, I wasn’t sure if being a writer was what I was meant to do. But when I found out about A Light Beyond the Darkness becoming a bestseller, it was my sign that I was on the right path.

Do you prefer kindles or paper books?

Personally when I’m reading I want an actual paper book. I want to feel the pages between my fingers and the crispness of a newly-purchased book. I love the feel of turning the pages, especially when I have to unstick two pages that are stuck together. It’s like the book is challenging you to see how far you’re willing to go to find out what happens next. However, as a author, ebooks sell more and there is a bigger demographic reached with them. Their mobility and accessibility cannot be ignored. Saying I don’t like ebooks would be a lie because most of my books are available in ebooks. It is what made me a bestseller.

Should we expect some great things from you in 2018?

I am shooting for the stars. I will be pushing myself as hard as I can. Right now I am in what I call my learning gear. It is the point in time where I am learning about my writing style and improving myself as a writer. I intend to become greater in 2018, with the intent for dominating the world with my books. My next novel Shattered, but Not Easily Broken is in the final stages and I am hoping to have it released early in 2018. To my fans, bear with me because we are going for a ride. This novel is just step one to my master plan!

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Everyone falls, everyone won’t like what you write, and you won’t always receive great reviews or words of praise. It doesn’t matter. Write something you are proud of. Don’t write just to write or it won’t mean anything. Put your heart into the pages. That’s all that matters. If you do that, your writing will touch hearts and impact someone.


Mikel Wilson represents the possibility of success. Giving up was not and still is not an option for him. With the support of God, friends, and family, Wilson finds himself on the path of a great future. His small beginnings have led him to be humble despite the success and positive feedback he has received. Be sure to look out for his upcoming novel, Shattered, but Not Easily Broken. It promises to be a New York Times bestseller. Mikel Wilson will definitely be one of the authors to look out for in 2018!