Thursday, May 26, 2022



No matter what year it is or what season, the common thread throughout is that we all want to look our best. For a fashion connoisseur, this means staying on top of trends and all of the “who is wearing what?” gossip. This comes in handy if you have all of this information at your disposal; but what if you don’t? If you’re in need of some inspiration or ideas on how you should be dressing in 2018, stay tuned. Ahead are 8 of the best looks that every Luxe Man should be adding to their closet.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking-pic #1_Prints will be taking the back seat this spring. Expect to see quite a bit of color blocking; both with bold and neutral colors.

Raf Simons and Ovadia and Sons are just a couple of names that showcased the color blocking trend in their 2018 collections.

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirt-pic #2Hang ten and bring on the island vibes this spring with Hawaiian shirts. These light, fun and super cool shirts were seen everywhere during Paris Fashion Week. No matter where you go, you’ll always be on vacation when you wear one of these bad boys out and about.  


All White

All White-pic #3Take a minimalist approach to your wardrobe this spring by sticking to all white. It will not only keep you cool during the warmer months but it also takes the guess work out of matching colors for your ootd. The only con: keeping it clean-good luck!

The Cross Body

The Cross Body-pic #4Becoming more and more popular amongst men is the “man purse” or “murse” as I like to call it. More and more men are ditching their wallet-only accessory and are opting for more. Just like ladies; men have essentials that they need to carry with them throughout the day too. A cross body bag seems to be the more common choice as it provides a hands-free experience while keeping your items secure either in front or in back of you (your choice.)  Also, it’s not clunky, yet it still provides enough room for all of your essentials and any other items that you might come across while on your daily ventures. Julien Boudet (pictured above), the man behind Bleu Mode Photography prefers to wear his cross body bag across his torso.


Athletic Wear

Athletic Wear-pic #5Carrying over from 2017 to 2018 trends is athletic wear-and I’m not mad at it! Not only do I enjoy wearing athleisure; but I also don’t mind watching the fellas wear their athleisure too. This is one trend that I’m sure we’re all happy to see isn’t slowing down. If you’re in need of some inspiration, be on the lookout for Kith’s 2018 spring collection, as it made waves at this years NYFW.


Luxe Men Wear Pink

Luxe Men Wear Pink-pic #6The old “men shouldn’t wear pink” debate. Despite your possible not so warm feelings about this trend, there’s no denying that it keeps coming back. More and more men are embracing the color pink. Whether it’s to show their support for charitable causes or maybe it’s just because they enjoy the color-pink will be seen on many Luxe Men this year.

This PUMA Plus Logo Hoodie is currently out of stock at but ASOS has a similar pink hoodie in stock for $32.00 that you can buy here.


Side-Striped Trousers

Side Striped Trouser-pic #7Street elegance; a.k.a A Classic Man when you’re wearing side-striped trousers. Luxe Beauties will swoon over this small added detail in your outfit. Fellas, two things that will never go out of style-chivalry and a classic man.


Bold Patterns

Bold Patters-pic #8Bold patterns are a must for 2018; and you don’t have to be Ru-Paul to wear them. Take a risk and wear a bold check-patterned suit like Ru’s or find another bold print that appeals to you-like this Kiton Exploded Plaid Three-button Sport Coat from Neman Marcus ($6,995.00.)