Yes, Luxe Living with Brandee J had vanished. It wasn’t that I did not want to continue I just did not know how because I was not complete. No not in the sense of needed someone else to complete me, I needed to completed myself. 

You ever felt like your life is at a stand still and you are in a this fog that you can’t get out of or your just on a damn annoying ride and want to get off? That was me I was on this ride from hell and I could not get off. I was living but not living if that makes sense. Dealing with the issues from my children to being 39 and not at level of success that I want to be at and feeling like you don’t belong in this world and why is GOD making you wait so long for the life you know you deserve? I had nights and days of crying myself to sleep or just laying in my bed crying. I could not shake the demons in my head telling me I was nothing. After listening to them for months I got so fucking tired of them, I finally told them to “STFU”, ugh they were so damn annoying. Annoying and overbearing. Keeping me down to the point I could not function on the level that I needed to be but wait! What was the reason for this? What was the core issue of me feeling this way? It all pointed to ME! Yes, me I was the issue. I was the one allowing me not to be happy or live life. Hell I was in my own head that I was tired of me!

Tired of this life and being a hermit. Tired of listen to others and not truly being me! Becoming me was happening and at this point in my life I’m not there but on my way. My LUXE living is just not about the happy times but it’s about every aspect of my life that I’m fighting to be better, this is what you get. My pain being my power to becoming a better me! 



Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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