June Editor’s Letter

It’s a LUXE SUMMER! Longer days, hotter nights, drinking by the pool listening to your favorite artists and more! Summer is the time of the year we all come more active and alive. We create memories that will last a long time and we always have that one friend that makes us try something different!


We take this time to live better and explore who we are as women and men. We take more risk in love, business and life. We don’t care what others say because its summer and we want to live it up! My question is, why do we have to wait for a Luxe Summer to come around to do everything we want to really do? Oh wait because when you’re about that LUXE life you have too!

This summer embrace everything inside of you! Let your hair down and live freely! Go to the beach and show off your kurves, tell that longtime crush you like him or her, try that new restaurant and just enjoy life! I know I will be living my Luxe Summer, will you?


Brandee J


Executive Creative Director 

Nora Bonds  @onlymissno


Doshia Kelly  @doshia_monae_artistry

Stylist/ Wardell 

Ron Collins  @vintage_redd @shopvelvedore 


 John Wardell @wardellbody 


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