The Makeup Show is a trade show for aspiring and professional makeup artist was held this weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.  This two day event gave artist the ability to be educated and to sit in to listen to some of the most influential artist the beauty industry and to get insight on what’s trends are moving forward and what inspires these trends.

At the entrance of the trade show, you saw an area setup with a huge lipstick, makeup brush and powder compact, where people took plenty of pictures holding the fixtures.  Onto the main floor were exhibitors and crowds of people, while artists such as Vanessa Davis, Isabelle De Vries, Einat Dan, Darya Kholodnykh, Pepe Gutierrez, Mia Connor, Daniel Takahashi, Bastian Russ and Ederson Oliveira took on the International Stage, sponsored by Danessa Myrick Beauty, are giving demonstrations of artistry such as Beauty, Fantasy and Special FX.  There was also artist such as Natasha Denona, Damone Roberts and Tabatha Coffey who graced the Main Stage with their expertise.  On the Second Level are more exhibitors and more makeup demonstration on the small stages.  On the Third Level was where you had the Symposium lead by James Vincent as well as workshops and classes. 

This year, the focus was on a lot of the indie cosmetic brands such as Lippie Book, Eye Kandy, B3Brush Beauty Balm, OMGLO Cosmetics, Glogirl Cosmetics just to name a few; but one of the indie brands that stood out the most was CHROM; So it’s a tooth polish much like a nail polish that can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds and it lasts up to 24 hours.  The polish comes in array of colors.  Once applied, it will not smudge and it has no taste.  Okay, I know you’re wondering, why would someone want to polish their teeth a different color?  Well according to the CHROM website , “After all, makeup isn’t for fitting in, it’s for standing out.”

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