April is our bridal issue! Discussing all things weddings and more!

How long have you been married?
I’ve been married for 11 years.

When did you know you were ready for marriage?

I knew I was ready for marriage when I realized that Tedrick was everything that I wanted in a husband and father for our kids. Also I couldn’t see myself with any one else.

How important is celebrating your wedding anniversary?

It is very important to celebrate our anniversary because I believe that every year together is a blessing and a gift and I’m grateful. Many people dont get to experience longevity so I dont take it lightly.

Name your top 3 favorite weddings songs of all time!

Why I love you” by Major
“You” by Kenny Latimore, and “Never Felt This Way” but Brian McKnight

What advice would you give young newlyweds?

Some advice to young newlyweds: always be honest, communicate openly, pray for your spouse, stay faithful, have a forgiving heart, have a mind to give not just receive, and cherish every moment you have together

What do you want your legacy to be?

I desire our legacy to be that we are/were a great example of a strong black marriage that triumphed through the ups and downs of life and came out stronger and were an example to others to keep going.

What would you like to tell your husband on your anniversary day?

I would like to tell my husband: I love you and I’m so grateful to have spent 14 years together and 11 of those years married so far with forever to go! God has kept us through the good and bad times and I’m thankful for every laugh, every kiss, every hug, every tear, the fights, the make ups, all of the memories we have made, and our 3 beautiful children…with one more on the way! I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else. I am so excited about our future and the many blessings that God has in store for us! I love you so much.

Photography  James Johnson III


By: Brandee J


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