Celebrities have a way of trumping whatever idea of romance we have in our minds, especially when it’s time for them to propose. From renting a whole floor in a hotel to jumping from helicopters with a bouquet of roses, they have always switched up each proposal that it seems like a competition between them, to see who does it best.

Well, this is a list of the best celebrity proposals, the ones that stood out from the others, and that’s something, considering the fact that they all effortlessly stand out.

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

This has to be the most romantic proposal ever. On their way to a casino, David insists they pull over, takes Harris to the place they first met and proposes. Romance never sounded better.

Ludacris and Eudoxie

So apparently, Ludacris loves romance and surprises a whole lot. The couple flew to Costa Rica for their Christmas holiday, as they near their destination, Ludacris makes Eudoxie look down from the plane, and on the grass below them, she sees the question, written in the grass. Wow! What was that definition of perfect you had again?

Corbin Bleu and Sasha Clements’ Cinderella story:

Corbin just had to show he had a part of Disney in him when he went on he took Sasha to Cinderella’s Castle and in front of that beautiful building, he proposed. That’s not the interesting part, he put the ring in a glass slipper! Fairytale romance never sounded better.

These are the best, for now, sooner or later, another celebrity couple would trump these again, and another list would be released. So there you go, romance and something extra. That’s how the stars do it.

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