Let’s face it, in today’s culture eyebrows are undeniably the most important feature on your face. They are the simplest way to walk out of the door looking ready for the day and are a staple in completing any makeup look. Follow this guide to help you achieve beautiful, flawless brows. 

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha

Step 1- Let there be shape.

Beginning with a clean eyebrow, gently brush eyebrows with a spoolie or clean mascara wand  in an upward and outward motion. Next, take your favorite brow or concealer pencil and outline the desired shape of your brow.

Step 2-  Tweeze it like you mean it!

 Hold skin taut and quickly tweeze hair growing outside of the outlined area. Complete this step on top and bottom of brow, as well as in the center space between the brows to clean up any uni-brow hairs. Quick tip: Hair should always be tweezed in the natural direction of hair growth.

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Step 3- Trim baby, trim.

Gently brush brows in an upward motion and trim any excess hairs that extend past the brow outline. Next, brush brows downward and repeat.

Step 4- Fill me in.

Grab your favorite pencil, powder, or pomade and gently fill in any sparse areas using light strokes to avoid making eyebrows too harsh. Next, take a spoolie or mascara wand and gently brush harsh areas. Quick tip: Use an angled eyebrow brush for a more precise application.

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Step 5- Highlight those beauties!

Using your favorite concealer pencil or cream and apply under your brow and blend  to add a natural highlight to your star feature! Quick tip:  Choose concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone to create a nice contrasting effect.

Beauty Contributor Stephanie J.

FB/IG @stephjstyles

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