We are every women! We work, take care of the household, run multi-billion companies, go after our dreams, hell and even deal with cramps! Forget celebrating us for a month we must be celebrated the whole year!! 

Being a single mother who handles everything it’s nice to be recognized but for me knowing I’m doing a great job as a mother is my reward. My reward to know that I have raised well mannered and respectful children. Knowing that I have fought for fair education for my daughter who has epilepsy and for my son. Raising my beautiful black children must be celebrated especially in the world we live in.


I not only salute all the single mothers but the women who fight every day to get out of bed and have the courage to love themselves despite what society says. We are the foundation of this world and this month and every month we celebrate you!

Beautiful Courageous Kurvy Women!


Cover Model Chiquita McKenzie @3mckenzies, Photographer (Cover ) John West @onemomentintimeent Glam Doshia Monae @doshia_monae_artistry
Wardrobe by Katrinia R.Ellison @eetique_fashions


Brandee “Kurvy” J


Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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