“The journey to discovering and unleashing your greatness leads to a door guarded by agents
of pain. They must be defeated and not ignored”

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation: Solar Tech, Actor, Model, Writer, Youth Advocate

Can you describe yourself in six words?
Protector, Provider, Charmer, Creative, Talented, and Smart

What do u want your legacy to be?
That I Inspire others to live their passion and purpose.

What makes a women attractive to you?
My ambition and ball-head lol!

What is your ideal romantic date?
Dinner at her favorite restaurant dressed in her new favorite dress, in her favorite colors.

Model Prentiss Watson @sir_prentisswatson
Wardrobe Shaka Kings Menswear @shakakingmenswear
Photographer Sadrea Muhammad @cre8ivejunkie1
Grooming AMB Desiigner Signature @amb_desiigner

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