Welcome to new column home for my Vegan and Curvy gal chronicles! Here I will share my experiences being vegan and also a very curvy woman. Each month I will share a story, a recipe, a substitute and a restaurant experience. I hope you are as excited as I am because it’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to candidly share with you the joys and struggles of living a healthy lifestyle while maintaining the fact that these hips and curves just ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon! And guess what?  That’s okay with me! Disclaimer: my personal experiences are just that, personal to me. I share the vegan and curvy gal chronicles not to diagnose, or impose any way of life on anyone. This blog is to educate and not judge anyone for their personal choices. Okay, so Let’s dig in!

Dispel myths about vegans.

The definition of vegan and veganism is having a lifestyle and diet that is free of animals and cruelty to animals. The diet is clear of any animal products and lifestyle choices of what to wear do not include dead animals. For example leather and fur from animals would not be included in the wardrobe of a vegan. I have a lot of friends that are animal rights activists and chose this lifestyle for that reason. To each their own, feel free to make choices about your food, clothing and home as you wish. Another way to look at veganism is plant-based living. Some prefer this term because it also explains how they chose to live their life based on plants.

Nowhere in this definition does it say bland, tasteless or boring! I meet people that express their distaste for anything vegan because of the negative connotations associated with the word vegan. Let’s get this out right now, vegan is simply animal free, nothing to do with seasoning! I am a vegan chef and I season my foods to taste so good that even animal eating lovers have ordered constantly and love my recipes. Many people have different reasons for becoming vegan or even vegetarian. Whether it be spiritual, on a level where you are in tune with the vibrations of the universe and chose not to consume or destroy animals, that is your choice and one that I have chosen. Or maybe you chose this lifestyle for the diet and to lose weight. That is definitely a positive side effect of changing your eating habits to not include meat or dairy and can be the most effective at mental well being and curing and avoiding disease.

In an article by PETA they explore 14 doctors that are utilizing vegan and plant based practice to aid their patients. ( There is also Dr. Sebi who was well known for his curing of many diseases including Cancer with his very strict diet methods and supplements. (

My personal journey has been filled with a lot of learning, transitions that have taken years to fully develop changes and a lot of learning! The one take away I will day is respect everyone’s process and not be judgmental. There is no one way to do anything and what works for you may not work for someone else and that perfectly okay. What I will do is share ideas and things that I have tried and encourage you to have an open mind, heart and souls when it comes to any changes in your life. Be few to accept what the universe has for you and you be surprised at the reward.

Now this curvy body of mine has gone through a lot of transitions and I will say that changing my diet to plant based has been the most beneficial. My moods are better, I lost 48 pounds simply by eliminating meat and dairy, I rarely get sick and my spiritual experiences are heightened. We won’t get to all of these in one article but I will say that being a curvy gal doesn’t mean we are not healthy! We can be curvy and still eat right, and exercise. Luxe Kurves own Editor-In-Chief/CEO and Brandee J is a lover of exercise and her curves are amazing! All of our bodies are different so I say trust your process, don’t look for fad diets, adopt a lifestyle that suits you and your families needs and explore new options for healthy living.

February substitute

This months substitute to try is alternatives to cow’s milk. A lot of people say they are lactose intolerant and guess what? We all are! Cows milk is suited for baby cows and as such doesn’t agree with our human bodies at times. There are a plethora of tasty alternatives to try, my favorite being vanilla almond milk, vanilla soy milk and coconut milk. Those with nut sensitivities can try the soy since it is from the soybean. There are others including the new oat milk and other nut mills.

Comment and let us know your experience with alternative milks in the comment section.

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  1. Coconut milk is my absolute favorite. Elmhurst nut milks are divine! I also make my own coconut, brazil nut, walnut milks. My favorite homemade milk combo is coconut walnut milk.

    I get the odd comment from folks that can’t believe I am vegan because I am over 300 lbs. I too have lost 45 lbs and feel great and exercise. I will say that I received somewhat a compliment from former coworkers saying that I don’t look like the normal vegan because I don’t look pale and sickly.

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