I LOVE ME SOME ME!!!!!!!!!!


 “Oooweee! I love me some me!” This is your affirmation for 2019 to say to yourself every morning when you wake and look in the mirror. Self love is the first and best love and usually the type of love most neglected. We put ourselves last because we are taught that we must do for others first and put us on the back burner. But I’m here to tell you, it’s not selfish to do you boo and take care of yourself. That shows self love and care.

Let’s discuss 3 ways we can all improve our love of self in 2019 with positive self talk, acceptance of self and watching what we feed ourselves. Let’s begin with the affirmation stated earlier, “Oooweee! I love me some me!” This is s great start to your day and intro to positive self talk. Have you ever sat and noticed how you talk to yourself about your daily life? Try it. You would be surprised how your thoughts affect your mood, reactions and overall persona for the day. According to Elizabeth Scott at verywellmind.com, positive self talk helps with stress levels throughout the day https://www.verywellmind.com/how-to-use-positive-self-talk-for-stress-relief-3144816) thinking happy thoughts actually boost your confidence and lead to be able to love yourself even more!


The second way to improved your self love is to accept who you truly are. Look at yourself naked in the mirror and accept every part of your being without looking to change anything. Accept your body, mind, spirit and soul for exactly how the Creator made you. If you accept you and love all of you, it makes it a lot easier for anyone else to love you as well. The problem comes when you look in the mirror and instead of acceptance, you blame yourself for decisions, you continue to see only your flaws and not your beautiful self just the way you are. I have a saying that you should “crown your truth and not the lie.” Your truth is just that, yours. Accept you for who you and and love every fiber of your being, first. Then others will follow suit and love you as well.

Lastly, watch what you feed yourself in all of the ways one can feed theyself. What you put in your mouth for food, what you watch with your eyes feeds your brain, and what you listen to feeds your mind as well. Have you ever noticed that listening to certain types of music affects your mood and can have affect on how you feel about yourself? It goes back to the self talk as well. If you truly love yourself, then you won’t feed your body and mind things that will ultimately harm you. Would you willingly invest poison by eating it? No. So why would you feed your body, the worst foods, constant overeating foods that bring your mood down, watch movies that are excessively violence and listening to negative vulgar music or stay around negative people who put you down? Let’s make a decision that in 2019, we will talk positive to us, accept us for who we are and feed ourselves only the best of they best on a daily basis. These tools will have you loving all of you in 2019 and on the road to living your best life!

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