A Luxe Man is goes against the odds and always stands for something that is bigger then him. He is a man that demands respect in every aspect of his life. Those are just a few key points of a Luxe Man but read below as we go deeper.

Rule #1- Respect- A Luxe man always respects his mother, daughter, sister & woman. He has a high level of respect for every woman that plays a role in his life.

Rule #2- ImperfectionsWhen he looks at your imperfections to him, they are perfect. He sees all of his partners beauty and does not allow them to see anything else.He sees no flaws in you.

Rule #3- Provider He is a provider of all things not just financial. He provides stability of the heart, he provides traditions for his family, he provides growth for his partner, and he provides life lessons for his children. A provider that elevates his future and legacy.

Rule #4- Hustler–  He always finds a way to get what he wants. Nothing gets in his way and every obstacle he faces he sees a way to over come it. A true “Hustler” makes anything happens and turns that $100 to $1,000. 

Rule #5- StylishBefore he walks into a room you sense his presences  His style lets the world know that he has arrive. From his shoes to his hair, everything is in line with his fashion style.


Are you a LUXE MAN?

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