Summer! Summer time: when you hear a song that lets you know what time of the year it is and how you have to embrace it! Summer is here, and even through it’s my second favorite time of the year I was waiting all year for this! Summer is the time for all of us to enjoy life, relax, try new adventures, and wear that two-piece our legs have been waiting to get in.

Cover Model: Priscilla Katerena, Photographer: Mercy Perkins, Creative Director: Kisha Waters
Fashion Stylist: Evita Milan, Make-Up Artist: Lala Davis, Hairstylists: Christina Joseph
Production Assistant: LaTanya Threadgill Swimsuits: Forever 21 Plus & Jacket provided by Kwaters Fashions GGI Style Lounge

When I think back to my favorite summer memories, I remember a time in my life where I just smiled more and had so much fun! At times we forget that is what we should be doing. The world we live in now, the chaos, the sadness is at an all-time high and we must get back to a better time. To love and enjoy one another, to celebrate one another, and to create lasting memories that warms are soul and heart is what summer is all about. Celebrate life! I want you to work extra hard in celebrating your lives this summer and enjoy it with one of these amazing editor’s pick items!


Celebrate summer with us in our July Digital issue!


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