The highly anticipated Aaliyah tribute collection by MAC Cosmetics has finally arrived and the beloved entertainer’s fans couldn’t be happier. Inspired by her music and film career and dedicated to her iconic 90’s glam style, I’m sure most items are selling out as we speak. I was really hoping to fall in love with every product. Although the collection stays true to Aaliyah’s minimalist aesthetic and unique and enviable style, honestly I am a bit underwhelmed.

The collection includes an eye shadow palette, a bronzer (which is actually more of a highlighter), two lip liners, four lipsticks, and four glosses. The lip colors are the standouts and seem to capture the range of sexy looks we loved both in her musical performances and live appearances. From a cool nude to a glossy blue-black, the lipsticks are definitely on point. The Lipglass glosses are reminiscent of the looks from her music videos, with colors like Li Li’s Motor City (Rock the Boat) and At Your Best You Are (We Need a Resolution). I’m not thrilled with the eyeshadows. Maybe eye color duos that would allow you to recreate the video looks, rather than a palette full of mediocre shades, would have been more impressive.
The packaging is gorgeous and the color pigment and easy application is certainly what we’ve come to expect from a quality brand like MAC. As a makeup addict, I was compelled to purchase a couple of the lippies. However, the eyeshadows and lip liners are just okay, and I’m downright disappointed in the bronzer which is not melanin friendly at all. I was looking forward to loving everything in this collection. I just wish it had packed more of a punch.
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