From the crazy hours of ambitious and tedious work to the exultation of passion, purpose, and persistence, the discussion for “Hustle Hours” was filled with extraordinary people who fought for their dreams.

This BET weekend “Ciroc Studios” and “Dreams N Ambition” presented “Hustle Hours”, the ultimate entrepreneurial panel discussion. This year’s talk was hosted television host and producer, Vivian Nweze. Accompanying her on stage were panel guests Shalom Bako, owner and founder of “Dreams N Ambition” brand and Nigeria native; Angel Rich, United Nations Global Icon and founder of ‘The Wealthier Factory’; and Benoni Tagoe, founder of “The Bizz Plan” and business strategist for ‘Issa Rae Productions.

Hustle Hours Panelists, Shalom Bako, Angel Rich and Benoni Tagoe, Photographer Christopher Potter
Hustle Hours Panelists, Shalom Bako, Angel Rich and Benoni Tagoe, Photographer Christopher Potter

The day party was held at the modern, luxurious The Parlor Hollywood on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The venue supplied attendees with delicious cuisine and a glowing natural sunlight rooftop opening. Considering the sports bar history of celebrity guests, this was the perfect location for the event to be an inspiration to the up-and-coming entrepreneurs and artists. The panel discussion was insightful and gave a lot of helpful how-to-tips for artists to pursue their dreams. Touching on subjects such as investing, volunteering, and capturing the bag, as well as how to balance your career, personal life, and not be defined by your job title, this panel was everything and more for any aspiring mogul. 

Shalom Bako, Kisha Waters, Brandee J & Benoni Tagoe
Shalom Bako, Kisha Waters, Brandee J & Benoni Tagoe, Photographer Chris Potter

The panelists were all successful individuals who were willing to give advice and share their experiences. At the end of the discussion, our Luxe Regional Editor presented the panelists with the final question of the evening:

“From the eyes of a toddler, what is your reflection, in three words?” 

Shalom Bako: “Passion, purpose, and persistence.”

Angel Rich: “I never lie.”

Benoni Tagoe: “Who is this?”

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