JPP49673_previewName: Natalie She’Von Cole 


Location: Orlando Florida

Signature Life Quote: Less is always More!


What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry?

The plus size community is evolving and I am enjoying every second of it. We still have to protest against the fat shaming, but we have a platform now. I believe as long as we continue to support each other and continue to show the world that there are no boundaries to being a curvy girl, we will become unstoppable—which, personally, is my mood everyday!

JPP49634_previewDo you feel the society accepts curvy women?

I feel society accepts curvy women to a certain extent. I say that because we’re not mainstream yet, not 100% anyway. Plus size is the standard size and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We are claiming our rightful place in this society, in a bold and beautiful way, we have to, because to some we are nonexistent. Will everyone agree? No. Should you care? No…REP THEM KURVES!

Who is your favorite designer?

Betsey Johnson, Christian Soriano, and I love creativity of Designs By Deangelo.

6 words the best describe you.

Listener, loyal, professional, passionate, humorous, and honest.

What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”

A Luxe Beauty owns her rights to her individuality; she’s trendy, confident, andof course curvy!

List all of your social media information.

Facebook www.facebook,com/NatalieShevonplusmodel/

Instagram @natalie_shevon


Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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