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Yves Saint Laurent introduced an all-hours concealer in six shades. The collection carries six colors ranging from porcelain to mocha and promises a full coverage with the finest pigmentation and smooth finish. While many are raving about the French-made concealer, Yves Saint Laurent’s advertisement for the collection is receiving quite a response.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.28.44 PM
Yves Saint Laurent’s Ad

The ad has all concealer shades sampled on three, different-colored arms. Now, it is clearly seen that the light and tan arms find their matching shades; however, those who have very dark complexions will not find their perfect concealer with this brand. The mocha color is at least three shades too light. In fact, if placed on, there will be a visible difference in shades and pigments. While the company attempts to show diversity, they fail to realize that their darkest shades is too light for women of a darker complexion.

Fenty Beauty Ad
Fenty Beauty Ad

Social media has been rapidly responding to this advertisement, comparing it to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand—which carries triple the amount of shades and ranges from porcelain to a very deep shade of brown. Upon seeing the advertisement, @Lixnessmonster comments on Twitter: “This is why the dark shades from Fenty Beauty are ALWAYS gone when I go into Sephora. Because the makeup industry swears Back people don’t exist…”  It is true the Rihanna’s Fenty collection carries the darkest shade for the darkest complexions, and beauty bloggers such as NymaTang have proven so.

Others care to comment on how the dire need for diversity may not have been too thought out here. @stylishtk posted, “So you throw a black arm in the photo and put white makeup on it, and that’s supposed to mean you’re diverse. Oh okay.” Similar comments have been made about the misstep made here when adding a bit of diversity. While our society encourages it, we are sure this is not the way to go about it. It not only reflects badly on the product but on the brand as well.

So the question is: How did this get approved? While light and tan skins seem to find their matching shades, darker-skinned men and women will not find Yves Saint Laurent’s all-hours concealer a right fit for them. This may be the first step in terms of a concealer collection for Yves Saint Laurent, however this advertisement definitely hinders the future of their products with men and women of color.

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