January Cover Final

New Year’s resolutions are overrated! I mean we get it, but there has to be more to life. 2018 is all about EVOLVING! Yes, evolving into the woman or man you were destined to be. When we create resolutions we tend to forget about them by February, then you are back to your old self and who wants that? Not me! We were all put here for a reason and that is to be the best versions of ourselves and to live it out as best as we can! Making the decision to evolve will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams.

When I realized I was over resolutions I decided to change my thinking, and when I did I gained more clarity on myself as a human being. I made the choice to evolve in all aspects of my life in fashion, business, health, spiritually, finances, and family. I elevated my mindset to be and do better!

I’m challenging you all to do the same! Evolve your life and let go of the New Year’s resolutions!

One way to evolve in 2018 is to LOVE your body 100 times more than in past years! We are showing you just that with our theme this month! January is our “Body Issue” and our cover model “Malia O” shows you that her size is beautiful and she is in love with every curve! Luxe will show you how to embrace your body and evolve more into loving it!

January Cover Final

Cover Credits: Cover Model: Malia O (@melomalia)

Photographer: Brian Tru (@briantru)

Production Assistant: Kissi B Tru (@curvykissi)

Fashion Stylist: LaFina Phillips

Hair and Make Up: Malia O

Clothing: Blush Kimono by Charlotte Russe

Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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