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Wow! 2017 is coming to an end and we have covered so many amazing events, discussed so many amazing artists, and covered explosive topics! We also took this year to enhance the magazine by introducing new topics and series. Through it all we have had some great moments! Here are my FAV LUXE MOMENTS OF 2017!

THE PACKAGE SERIES. Music is my first love, so when our Music/Entertainment Editor came to me with the idea to discuss women of curves in the industry and how they deal with being curvy in a industry that pushes women to be skinny I knew I was going to love it! When the series began I was hooked and love every aspect of the series! Introducing “ The Package” was one of my favorite moments!

LUXE KURVES T.V. Launching Luxe Kurves T.V. was always a dream of mine! I wanted to bring our magazine to the life by interviewing celebrities, designers, and influencers. Having the time to sit down with all the guest from Season 1 was an experience I only imagined, and to see it come to life was mind-blowing to me. I loved every aspect of developing the concept and to have it picked up on NU Network this year was another milestone for the show and the brand.

TRUE PLUS AMERICAN GIRL. When a vision comes to you on a way to impact women’s lives, I believe you must act on it. True Plus American Girl event was that vision. It was something that needed to be discussed and brought to the forefront to everyone’s minds. Discussing how growing up plus size in America has its mental and emotional effects on us all was another milestone event for Luxe Kurves Magazine. It showed the world that we care so much about the mental state of women.

LUXE MEN. A true gentleman was born this year and that was the birth of the LUXE Man division– a division that was missing in the world. The Luxe Man was born to show everyone that a man of color is a true gentleman; they have style, provide for their family, and love their significant other. It was time for everyone to see how amazing the Luxe Man is to the world!

Luxe Kurves Magazine continues to grow in so many aspects. My TOP FAVE LUXE Moments are just a few that help defined our brand, but we are not done yet! Stay tuned for more in 2018!

Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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