Winter Beauty Looks

It is common that our makeup routine changes not only with the seasons but also with the fashion trends from Fashion Shows in Paris, Milan, New York, etc. Most people would have a hard time transitioning from summer/fall products into something more withstand-able and soothe away winter’s harsh climates. For example, instead of keeping skin cool and enhancing our natural glow, we’re now fighting against dryness and adding more bold colors into the mix to brighten up our looks.

Trending this winter and a look that you cannot resist is Red Blood Lips.

2832cfa256e6c89e81d58e4a9b3afdc3_400x400Red lips go best on to a mouth that isn’t too dry or too greasy. Prep your lips during your skincare routine so they’re soft and flake-free. Creating a lip shape is best done with a lip liner. Start in the center of your upper lip, known as the bow, and create a flattering, rounded shape that’s not too pointy. Follow your natural lip lines, but don’t drag the color too far downward as you get to the corners of the mouth. The same goes for the bottom lip. Make a rounder and fuller shape in the center and taper upward towards the corners, rather than flattening out. Fill in the lips with the liner and follow with a shade of a deep red lipstick on top.

The 60’s Look is Back – smudged winged eye and DEEP eye liners.

Winter Beauty Looks 2This is an era of sultry looks, with dramatic lashes and even a more reinforced eye liner than before, with bright lips and big hair and gowns that if I tried to wear I would probably immediately break a pen on. If you are following the fashion trends, you will see that the 60’s is coming back with modern twist, bell bottoms, fringes, retro looks on the catwalk that will certainly filter down to your makeup.


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