IMG_3023We women tend to make the holidays more stressful than it really needs to be. And this is often a combination of stress of looking for the perfect outfit, the glamorous make-up look, and the hair styles that will make any blind guy turn his head! Every single year, we’re left running around, frantically attempting to get ready, while we’re getting texts that we’re late.

More important than “Hair Glam” is that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure that you have a regime that helps you maintain healthy hair (treatments, adequate hair care products etc).

Glamaty WavesIn addition to this, the trend over the last couple of years is that women have opted for returning to their natural coils and exercising hairstyles that are protective yet versatile and can transition from day to night with minimal efforts (we all know how hectic the holidays are between corporate and family commitments, dinners and appearances).

The “in” thing this summer was color…expressive bold colors that would give your summer days. Now it is winter, but do we really have to tone this down? I would have to disagree to this, the perfect harmony is a balance between your favorite hair color and a hairstyle that you rock.

Whether you decide to do a side swoop, a more retro & modern updo or simply play the “wild hair” card, the most important factor that you will have is your confidence and the fact that you can translate this feeling to the rest of the world. So this season, let us focus less on what is trending and pay more attention to confidence being your best accessory and you will be sure to SHINE!


By: Kenty Lichtenberg of

Kerai Kreative Style

FB: Kerai Kreative Style

IG: KeraiKreativeStyle2016

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