What are your views or thoughts about the plus size industry?


My thoughts about the plus size industry vary with our efforts.  I do feel that we have grown and began truly penetrating the plus and non-curvy community with our outreach, sponsorships, development, and financial growth in the past few years; however we still have a ways to go.  Many of the bodies we see in mainstream media don’t represent the average curvy woman/male.  We aren’t seeing as much variety in body types or colors as I would like to see, however I can only hope by our continued efforts we will begin to see a more diverse variation of the models that represent our community and our brands in the years to come.  Our smaller, subset communities are doing a phenomenal job by hosting vlogs, blogs, videos, conference calls, and really attempting to bring awareness to the non-curvy community as a means to express, celebrate, and join our platform, which is very commendable. It takes time and lots of hard work to truly represent the change we want to see in overall fashion, broadcast, and larger markets like film and widespread brand acceptance.  


Do you feel the society accepts curvy women?


I feel the average consumer does accept curvy women, however the brands and strategist who create marketing campaigns and vision boards for product launches may take longer to impact than your everyday, working, young, professional person.  In an effort to celebrate plus and keep it tasteful at the same time, I do feel we shouldn’t have to cover or shame ourselves for acceptance, but some people aren’t able to fully grasp plus size women in the buff, artistic forms, or more provocative ways in public, which seems to be a problem. Instead of shaming plus parties that are outwardly proud of the bodies they possess, we should embrace one another for our strides, character, and body frames alike.


Being the face of “Full Figured Fashion Week” of 2017, how has that changed your life?


3700Serving as the 2017 face of Full Figured Fashion week has totally changed my perspective on the industry, my career development, and how to truly appreciate those who have made such large strides before me allowing me to lead this phenomenal platform. I have been able to meet people from around the world who all contribute in one way or another to our industry and community. I have increased my following and marketing strategy efforts, become even more privied to information that is vital to my personal and professional enhancement, plus taught me how to truly well represent a legacy international brand with class, dignity, and integrity. I quickly embraced the idea that I was no longer just Mallory B., but additionally I carried the weight of one of the world’s most elite plus fashion and industry brands, and that is no small feat. Being the face truly has taught me to stay on my A game and be familiar with brands, develop an even tighter quality of brand for myself, and remain humble no matter the title. I am a role model to several men and women around the world, not many people can say that and execute such a challenge with poise as I. I am truly proud of this accomplishment like non-other and will be eternally grateful to Gwen, Devoe Signature Events, and the many businesses that I have collaborated with during this journey.


2018 is right around the corner! What are you looking forward to in the New Year?


A new year, brings NEW opportunities. I will effectively serve as the face until a new person has been appointed the role, therefore I will continue to work through my title carrying period and collaborate with the FFFWeek brand indefinitely. I hope to work with new brands as an ambassador and luckily serve as the 2018 Face of Queen Size Magazine. My family is developing as well so I look forward to the time we will share with one another and thankfully they will continue to join me during my career growth journey as well. I will continue to travel and serve as a role model for aspiring plus models and offer my model tour around the world, instead of just in North Carolina, my home base. In addition, I want to expand my skill set, take additional courses to sharpen my skills, and meet new people and familiarize myself more within the political arena.


What is your favorite holiday memory?


My favorite holiday memory is sleeping in the same bed with my younger sisters each year and having a huge christmas breakfast before traveling to my grandmother’s home for the duration of the day to celebrate with friends and family.


What are some ways people can give back this holiday season?


We can give back, year round, not just the holidays. I say, a smile, kind word, some advice, and using the time to cherish the blessing each of us have bestowed upon us daily in an effort to enrich someone else along our path.  Of course volunteerism is an amazing way to support your family and local community as well.


Holiday trends are one of my favorites! What trends are you loving this holiday season?


Cyber shopping and ugly christmas sweater parties are the best! Each year I have a holiday party at my home with my closest friends and family. A great way to continue a tradition and keep with a trend is bringing an ornament to the party to help decorate my home year after year in a heartfelt and meaningful way.


If you could have a holiday dinner with anyone of your liking, who would that be and why?


3696My grandmother passed two years ago; I would want her to join me for one more holiday season. She was one of the most incredible women I have ever known and made a deliberate and powerful impact to my life. For one of her hugs this holiday season, I would give anything.  She was a comedian, empathetic, and full of old school charm to keep me wanting to talk for hours about the life she had growing up, becoming a wife and mom and a lady of the American Indian community we descend from. I am always looking for historical references and amazing storytelling, that would be the best gift ever if I could only have her back.


Six words the best describe you.


Giving, compassionate, educated, personable, driven, creative, and calculated


What is your meaning of a “Luxe Beautie?”


A woman on the move who is focused and deliberate in her attempts to own, celebrate, honor her mind, body and soul



Facebook:  Mallory B. Richardson, @malthemodel

Instagram:  @MalTheModel, Largerthanlifestyling, crusadeofcurves, beaucoup919


Brandee Kurvy J

Brandee Kurvy J


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  1. This is just a small introspective view of Mallory. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to the curvy community. She is one of my favorite models. Great interview and beautiful photos.

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