As 2017 comes to a close, I look back on the year in the world where we have witnessed so many historical events that have shaped our country–but not for better. Even though we are under the worst presidency this country has seen, we cannot allow that to change who we are as a people. This year I have seen more hate in our world than ever–hate that was ignited from a place that needs to be buried. Yes, buried!

See, we were put on this earth to love one another, to show kindness, to look past the color of skin, and look deep down in the soul of a person. Where has that gone? Why do we see hate instead of love? Why are we so quick to hurt one another? This hatred and division must come to end end.

The holiday season is a fun time! The atmosphere shifts and people have more joy in their hearts. We see the person behind the pain and extend a helping hand. Why? Tis’ the season! But how we treat people during the holiday season is how we should treat other every day. Yes, getting gifts is fun but this season give the gift of love, understanding, patience, and kindness. As I write this month’s editor’s letter I’m understanding that even I need to show more love, understanding, patience, and kindness to those who are close to me and to strangers.

When you are reflecting this month, look into your hearts to see how you can do more to love one another and show more understanding. It is much needed, especially during this time of year. The love we show to one another will have no choice but to grow and spread like wildfire. This year give what can’t be bought in a department store. Have the best holiday season by showing more luxe love!

Doing that is what we call living the  luxe lifestyle!


Happy Holidays!

Brandee Signature

Brandee J


Luxe December Holiday Cover

Cover Model: Mallory B. Richardson
MUA:  Lala Faces
Hair:  Ced The Stylist
Wardrobe:  Defined Intervention
Photography:  Annamations Photography
Clothing Stylist:  The Doll House
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