The Leather and Fur fashion show was an evening of elegance and stardom. The Four Seasons hotel downtown St. Louis, MO was the perfect playground for this occasion. Any spectator attending the event surely basked in the essence of shimmery glares and daring images. The beautiful light reflections sparked a fire like never before on the runway. There were two runways extending out into the crowd. On both sat Roman-themed status giving the models a true walker’s obstacle course. The design of this event was rather intriguingly exquisite.

The Leather and Fur fashion show was produced Friday November 24, 2017 by BLAQ SEANCE Jacquelyne Craige, entrepreneur & social light Niddy Gritty, and MPr3ssion modeling agency. The luxurious fur being modeled on the runway was provided by The Fur Centre, St. Louis. Luxe Kurves Magazine served as the media correspondent for the evening. Our Midwest regional Editor Christopher Potter conducted behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the events most influential participants. These are some of their thoughts on the event and how they defined the show.

“Expected nothing but excellence from the event considering the creative business minds of both Jac’ and Niddy. Leather and Fur fashion show in one word: Flossy.” –Chrissy_Jai, Production Coordinator, Atlanta, GA


“The body diversity that’s being showcased, it’s not straight up and down, it’s not all curvy, it’s a variety from the males to the females. Leather and Fur fashion show in one word: Exotic.” –RahJanae Janala, Kurvy model, St. Louis, MO


“Being apart of this event has given me the opportunity to express myself in a fashionable manner. Leather and Fur fashion show in one word: Sexy.” –Trashawn Wooden, Male model, Chicago, IL


“It was amazing, like you don’t understand. It was like church! After the fashion show, the energy was so high. It’s indescribable; there’s no limits after this. We can be in Paris, we can be wherever we want. We set the tone for the city. Leather and Fur fashion show in one word: extravaganza.” –Monica Ransom, Lead stylist, St. Louis, MO


“During rehearsals we were trained to maintain focus while walking. Also to enjoy the moment and allow our inner fearlessness to come out. It’s going to be unforgettable.” –Tamra Jones, Petite model, St.Louis, MO


“I have an overwhelming desire to kill the runway. The atmosphere screams ‘bring out your sexy!’” –Shena Jones, Kurvy model, St. Louis, MO


“It wasn’t just your typical models you see on your high end New York platforms where everyone is a size zero. Everybody had volume. You had contrasting skin types and lots of different shapes and sizes. Some tall, some small. Leather and Fur fashion show in one word: sensational.” –Breonna Williams, Stylist, St. Louis, MO


Editor’s Note: The show was fantabulous. I loved every moment: from the elegant entrance into the four seasons to the outstanding finale. The production committee surely accomplished a well-thought-out goal. Melting together their individual talents, this dynamic team created an evening like never before in St. Louis, MO. The Kurvy fashion industry just cascaded up the stream of relevance three notches.


Photographs by: Martika Green, St. Louis, MO and Cameron Morrow


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