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As your Sunday begins to wind down, you begin to prepare for the week ahead by asking yourself “What am I going to wear?” Fall is commonly known for its crisp air, but it is also known to bring the unexpected messy weather that can throw a curveball when planning your day to day attire. No need to stress though, there are easy ways to prepare for the unexpected. Here are a few tips to help you dress better this fall season.



Weatherproof Your Wardrobe

Weatherproof pic #1The rain and heavy winds can do some serious damage on your outerwear and boots. Stock up on Renapur and Kiwi Boot Protector to keep your leather shiny and your boots on point.


Invest in Your Outerwear

Outerwear-pic #2_Speaking of outerwear, it’s a good idea to invest in a coat that will protect and keep you warm in the elements. That inexpensive coat may look nice, but it will only last for so long. Instead, get more bang for your buck in this wool and cashmere coat by Joseph Abboud.


Update Your Accessories

Accessories-pic #3Fellas, if you’re going to invest in your outerwear; you should spend some extra dollars on your accessories too. Bargain bin umbrellas, hats, and scarves sound great at first, but think of how many of each item you will replace in just one season. It’s worth shelling out the extra cash to ensure that you’ll get through more than just one fall season.


Step Up Your Shoe Game

Boots- pic #4If you’re going to be walking through puddles and possibly mud, you want to make sure that your feet stay as dry and as comfortable as possible. Add a pair of sturdy and stylish boots and shoes to your wardrobe so you’ll be ready to brave any fall storms headed your way.



Grooming-pic #5_Gentlemen, your fashion can be on point from head to toe but what good does it do if your scruff isn’t tidy? Don’t fall victim to the “unkempt” group this season-instead; be sure to keep your beard and mustache neatly trimmed throughout the cold months ahead. A man with fashion sense who also cares about his appearance just screams sex appeal!


And there you have it fellas! These easy tips will keep you warm, dry, and stylish this season. You’re welcome!

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