Twenty-year-old Julian Scanlan, better known by his DJ name Slushii, has dealt with struggles all his life, but that never stopped him from becoming one of the largest up-and-coming names in the dance music scene. Before February 2016, Scanlan was working as a customer attendant at a New Jersey Best Buy, but he had always had an ear for music. He was in bands, an electro-pop band called Deuteronomy, and following up with being in the musical duo “Monsters With Tiny Mustaches.” Eventually in 2013, Slushii started his career in electronic music under the alias DJ Swoon. His Soundcloud account was shut down due to an automatic copyright system, and the stage name Slushii was born.

Scanlan has struggled with mental illness for the majority of his life. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a child, which caused him to not understand social cues. He was eventually bullied in middle school and turned to music as an outlet. Obviously this outlet payed off, because he was signed to Canadian label Monster Cat after he released a remix of Zedd and Selena Gomez’s “I Want You To Know.” Eventually, Slushii began making connections in the industry. He received praise from Skrillex and his label OWSLA has become friends with other up-and-coming DJs like Jauz, Ookay, and Marshmello, and released remixes of their singles that ended up gaining widespread attention. Some of his most notable remixes include Marshmello’s “Alone,” Maroon 5 and SZA’s “What Lovers Do,” and Marshmello’s “Silence.”


Slushii’s dubstep, trap, future bass, and electronic music is lighthearted and fun, spreading a lot of positivity in the process. He recently released his first album, Out of Light. He sings on the album as well as produces the beats, obviously, and it’s a reflection of what he’s capable of. Regardless of his struggles, Slushii has a lot of talent to offer the world. You’ll probably be able to catch him on tour sometime very soon, and he’s become a staple in the EDM festival world, so look out for him next time you’re in the mood for an electronic festival. He’s a legend in the making, that’s for sure.

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