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The acclaimed American film producer Harvey Weinstein from New York is being accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault. Weinstein is most famous for producing movies such as Pulp Fiction, Gangs of New York, Shakespeare In Love, and The English Patient. He was the Founder of the Weinstein company with his brother Bob in 2005. The Weinstein Company is an independent American Film Studio that is one of the largest film studios in North America. Some of the releases from the Weinstein Company include movies such as Lion, The Founder, Hateful 8, and SouthPaw. His past success is gone down a negative spiral since the allegations have been released. Due to this, Harvey Weinstein has been terminated by his own production company.

The women of Hollywood speak up about the ugly truth of Harvey Weinstein. With all the different allegations you may ask, why is it just coming up now? Allegations have rose to the surface against Weinstein for multiple accounts of sexual assault. It was early October when the allegations started to appear in social media which started the huge movement of hash tagging “#metoo” of other women who have been sexually assaulted. Allegations include Weinstein inviting Hollywood actresses to his hotel suite where he would try to make advances or suggest inappropriate gestures towards the women.


Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd were one of the first women to come forward. Soon after the allegations started Weinstein replied with an apology, and throughout the month of October many titles and medals were taken away from him. Actresses are coming forward more and more as time goes on and things are not looking good for Weinstein. Each day that goes by someone new makes allegations towards Weinstein and it leaves us wondering, how will Weinstein face the consequences for his actions?

Today, now more than eighty women have come forward about being sexually assaulted, raped, or molested by Harvey Weinstein. Here are just a few of the names of the actresses that have come forward since the allegations started in early October: Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Cara Delevingne, Eva Green, Asia Argento, Lysette Anthony, Lupita Nygong’o, Léa Seydoux, and Angelina Jolie. Weinstein is now under investigation by the Los Angeles, London, and New York Police.

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