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Staying on trend can be an expensive job with new styles coming out weekly. Fall truly brings out the new feel of fashion! Designers showcase their new lines, retailers rearrange their store layouts, and new fashionable pieces are all over social media. There is nothing quite comparable to a well-dressed man. Luxe Kurves Magazine wanted to scout the best deals out! Designer looks on a budget while styling for less is key. Listed are affordable retail options to find the best deals. Who says you have to spend a lot to look your best?


hmH&M is originally a Swedish retailer that has since built a fashion empire. Keeping up with the seasonal changes, expanding the brand, and including plus sizes, H&M has solidified itself as a top retailer. H&M are found in most major shopping strip malls across the country, so the locations are convenient. They offer clothing options for men women children and even home items. Scroll on the website you can find most of the H&M Pants are priced between $24.99 and $39.99 making them very reasonable. Clothing options are vast under the H&M retailer brand. Dress slacks, outerwear, shoes, sportswear, and lounge can all be found in one store. Truly making H&M a “One-Stop Shop” for any fashionable male to get his fix or the latest trends.


tjx2TJ Maxx should be on the list for fashionable retailers simply because they offer it all. Designers and brands run to TJ Maxx to help sell merchandise for various reasons. No, the reasons are never because the items are damaged. The most important takeaway from this deal is how the shopper gets the deal. For men looking for name brand finds, such as socks, ties, accessories, or slacks, TJ Maxx can be a great asset. Stores are typically found across U.S. in major shopping centers. Depending on your area, TJ Maxx also offers layaway options that can be beneficial to those on extremely tight budget with expensive taste. Don’t forget the TJ Maxx also offers a variety! Various shipments come in, so every shopping experience is different. If you find that special piece at a deal make sure to grab it because it will not be there next time you shop. TJ Maxx runs out of all items, and they typically do not restock so find your favorite piece and keep it. Your favorite brands can be found at a discounted price, up to 70% off so get to shopping!


Take a new look at these retailers if you are in search of a deal. You never know what you’ll find on your next clearance or sale rack so don’t hesitate to look! The perfect piece at the perfect price is one shopping trip away.

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