In the past there were two choices: short and respectable or long and rebellious. Thank goodness times have changed when it comes to men’s hairstyles, along with the perception of what is “acceptable” in today’s culturally awakened society. It seems there are more style choices for men now than ever before. Here are a few options for the fellas that will work in the boardroom, the classroom, and everywhere in between. Beards optional.



Photo Collage Maker_GvNfFTYou don’t have to be particularly skilled to pull this one off. The style works with all hair types–from kinky and curly to straight and wavy. Worn short or long, it’s all about the attitude. Keep your organized mess in check by conditioning regularly and using styling products to hydrate and keep frizzies at bay.



Photo Collage Maker_EkQqJgThis style has gained popularity from the moment it came on the scene. Wear it casual and messy or slicked and structured. For an edgy take, taper the sides and back for a Mohawk effect or samurai vibe.



Photo Collage Maker_6xoIrsThis cultural staple is just hitting its stride. From the ancient Greeks to the kings and queens of Africa, braids and dreadlocks–or “locs”–have always lent a regal quality to a man’s personal style. Worn short, long and loose, or wrapped neatly on top of the head, these styles allow a man to exude pride in his culture and heritage in a very subtle yet obvious way.



Photo Collage Maker_MrP5N1Longer on top and shorter in the back and on the sides, this style allows you to channel your inner rock star. Its timeless and versatile for many hair types and textures, and it includes the high and tight crew cut and the high top fade reminiscent of 1980’s hiphop (remember the Gumby?). Wear it flat and slicked, pompadour style, or in your face like a true Hollywood bad boy.





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