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I was heartbroken when I found out I had to wait a whole 365 days to find out what had happened with Eleven after finishing the first season of Netflix original Stranger Things.

This acclaimed Netflix thriller follows a star-studded cast through a series of inexplicable and spooky events in a small Indiana town in 1983. Sci-fi makes a strong come back when twelve-year-old Will Byers vanishes without leaving a trace behind giving birth to a police investigation that leads to very strange findings as a series of never-seen-before events begin to happen in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Wills group of best friends, Mike, Dustin and Lucas, cannot bring themselves to just sit back and wait, they need answers and they need them fast so they go on their own search for Will. While riding their bikes around town looking for Will they come across the Hawkins National Laboratory facility ,which the United States Department of Energy used for scientific research, and they decide to go inside and investigate further since something seemed off about the place. A few minutes of looking around were enough to confirm their suspicions, the lab was also conducting experiments on the paranormal and supernatural with humans as samples.

In their efforts to find Will among the experiments sample bodies they come across a girl who they assumed had gone through the experiments based on her rough looks but much to their surprise she reveals that she herself is an experiment named Eleven. After escaping her creators in the facility and running away with Will’s group of friends, she goes on to explain to them where she had been, the things she had seen, and what being an experiment consisted of. Eleven confesses to them that the scientists at the laboratory had managed to make a connection between our dimension and an alternate one, the Upside Down.

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Not so far from there in Will’s house, his mother, Joyce Bryers, believes that hope is the last thing to die as she pressures local authorities to step up and speed up the investigation on her son’s disappearance. As Will’s mother begins to believe she is getting signals from her son trying to tell her something, everyone else loses faith on her as they believe she is just going crazy as a product of the painful mourning behind losing a child.

As the plot continues to develop and thicken, Eleven makes sense of Will’s mother’s claims when she sees a picture of Will and reveals that she had seen him before, she had seen him in the Upside Down–Will was still alive. Mike, Dustin and Lucas go on a journey to find the Upside Down and to find Will and bring him back home with the help of their now-friend Eleven.

As the first season comes close to an end and Will is finally able to escape the upside down with the help of his friends and family and come back home, Eleven is forced to run away in order to escape her scientific creators as they track her down and want her back for ongoing experimentation.

After finishing the first season I was left with mixed feelings and a lot of questions. What would Will’s mom do with all those Christmas lights? How would Eleven get her Eggos? Did Mike and Eleven have a thing for each other? How would I be able to wait a whole year for the second season?

The second part of this fascinating series is, much to my personal relief, even better than the first parting ways with the 80’s nostalgia that the first season brought with it and evolving into something more. As Will returns back home and Eleven runs away some assumed things would go back to normal but they were wrong…very wrong.

As strange things continue to happen in the town of Hawkins in the second season as a product of the portal to the Upside Down being left open, Will not being himself entirely (or at all?) and Eleven coming back (!!!), there are Stranger Things 2 come.

Stranger Things 2 is now available on Netflix.


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