1We’ve all been there, the desire to look stylish and the desire to have extra cash can be an oxymoron. Plus fashion has come a long way from the exclusivity of the past. Not too long ago, curvy and plus-sized women had to pay a small fortune to look good. Clothing was expensive and unrealistic for the common consumer. Fast forward to today where plus style is taking the fashion industry by storm! That Skyrocket of choice has given us curvy and plus-sized women options. Finding reasonably priced pieces that still look good but don’t break the bank are all around us. We here at Luxe Kurves Magazine wanted to put together a list of tips to help you save and some essentials under $50 to get you started! That’s right! We are digging up the best deals so you don’t have to!

Here are a few tips when shopping on a budget:

  1.    Make sure to start at the back of the store. There is where the majority of the deals are! Clearance and sale items are typically toward the back. Use the front of the store mannequins to give you style inspiration; however, use the deals in the back to make your wallet happy.
  2.      Another great tip while trying to stay on a budget in looking great is a check out the accessory section. Accessories can be a great addition to make an old outfit see new again or to add a stylish flair to a very plain outfit to give it that pop.
  3.      Subscribe! All of your favorite stores you should subscribe to their mailing list. They typically let their most valued customers know when deals and sales are.

IMG_3446Check out some of our web finds! GS Loves Me, Boohoo, Agaci, Asos Curve, and Charlotte Russe are just some of the retailers that offer amazing fashion for great deals. How are you staying on a budget this season? Sound off below!

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