What’s your definition of being a True Plus Girl in America?

My definition of being a true plus girl in America is being a plus size woman that is proud of the skin she’s in and has no apologies for it.


What inspired your start your blog  

I’m from Charleston, South Carolina, and when I was first started developing my personal style people would always ask me where I got my clothes from and how I would pair certain pieces together. Those questions propped me to start my blog. I basically wanted to put all my tips and tricks I’ve learned about being plus size in regards to fashion and beauty in one place. That’s also why I named it Curvyology, “Ology” is the study of. So my blog is basically the study of being curvy.


Which clothing brands are your go-to for special occasions and why?

ASOS, because they always have up-to-date, fashionable pieces straight from off the runway, but in plus.


Can you tell us more about Curvyology Prom and where the idea to create it stemmed from?

The Curvyology Prom is an event I created geared towards plus size men and women to give them a second chance at having a great prom. Over the years I’ve heard numerous horror stories from other plus size women and men about their prom experience. Not being able to find a dress, not having a date, being made fun of at the prom, or not wanting to go are some of the few stories I’ve heard.  


How did you feel about your curves growing up, and how has your perspective changed since then?

Growing up I was pretty self conscious. I wore jackets in 90-degree weather, I would always wear tights with dresses and skirts, and I would never wear swimsuits. Now my perspective has changed immensely. I love my body. I own the skin I’m in, and I love embracing my frame in swimsuits and form fitting dresses (without tights LOL)


What advice would you give another woman who’s hating her body because of societal standards?

Everyone has an opinion, and opinions are just that–OPINIONS. Just remember to love yourself, praise yourself, and know that you are beautiful.


On social media, you rocked some of the best summer swimsuits that accentuates your curves, what’s your ideal style for fall?

My ideal style for Fall is a mix of tight and oversized. I love pairing bodycon dresses in rich colors like burgundy or black with a trench coat or with an expensive looking coat to drape over my shoulders.


What’s the best way your followers can stay connected with you?

You can find me as Curvyology on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.  Be sure to say “Hey!”


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